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My name is Adheline and I am a London Lash Pro trainer in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

I got my own salon in Jakarta, LASH CULTURE, but I also can do trainings in such cities as Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, Lampung, Makasar. 

At first it was the flexible working hours that made me want to become a lash artist because I have 2 kids and I have to arrange my schedule around their needs. But now it’s everything about it, the everyday lashing; my loyal customers who became my friends, meeting them every few weeks for the past years; my supporting team who has become my family, sharing everyday ups and downs; my students who inspire and amaze me every time. Everything about being a lash artist make me not want to stop. They make me keep on going!

I used to search for education and trainings by comparing the price, but ended up spending so
much more and still struggling with the poor knowledge and low quality products. And now I believe that education is the passport to the future, investing in good training, finding the right mentor, and using good quality products will make your lash journey smoother and fun!

My favourite LLP products that I cannot live without are Mayfair lashes, Volume tweezers and Royal Bond glue.

Remember! Practice puts brains in your muscles. There is no short cut to mastering the art of lashing.


I speak Indonesian and English.

To book your training with me, contact me directly:

Facebook @adheline_octavia_londonlashpro

Instagram @lashculture_id 


Education in Lashes:

2017,  Foundation Course, Novalash USA 

2017,  Lash Lifting by Elleebana Australia

2017,  Russian Volume Course, Novalash USA

2017,  Microblading by Phibrows

2017,  Advanced Russian Volume, London Lash Pro (UK)

2018,  Microblading by Browspecialist

2018,  Brow Henna by Irina Levchuk

2018,  Lash Lifting by Yumilashes

2018,  Teacher Training Course, London Lash Pro (UK)

2019,  Lash for Asian Eyelid Webinar

by Malika Nauryzova, Lashes Vis-a-Vis

2019,  Perfect Lash Line Effect Webinar 

by Tatiana Terenteva, Lash-to-Lash

2019,  Lash Filler Trainer, In Lei Italy

2019,  Lash Competition Workshop by Natasha Gallier

2019,Volume Eyelash Extension Masterclass by Anastasiia Hutsaliuk, Angelash



2019,  Special Award for The Best Lash Filler Artist by Tatiana Shcherbyna

2019, 2nd Place Makeover Category in Simetria Lash Match

Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020