Andreea Ghigheci

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My name is Andreea and I am a London Lash Trainer in Ireland. During my lash career, I have been a judge for Universe Lash and Brow Championship for Classic lash Category. I have also won a number of awards at competitions as a contestant.
Becoming a lash artist was a choice I made when I wanted to change my job and didn’t know what to do and where to start. So I took a course which wasn’t the best, but that made me want to know even more about this industry. Step by step, I learned and became the top leader in my country and a prestigious trainer.

My favourite lash styles are Dolly and Squirrel, suitable to most eye shapes and can create a beautiful correction to style customers eye shape.

The LLP products I cannot live without are:

My top tip for new artists is take it step by step, learn from mistakes made and don't put pressure on yourself. We sll have been beginners before we become amazing.

My motto:
Believe in yourself and you’ll be unstoppable.
English & Romanian
Ireland (based in Cork, will provide courses all around Ireland ) & Romania (From Bucharest, will provide courses at request).

To book a training with me contact me directly:
ROYALASH Professional
Facebook: @ROYALASH.professional
Instagram: @royalash.professional
Phone number: +353834548201 (call or message) and +353831230261 (Whatsapp only)
Email address:


#Nov, 2016 - Baltic Lash and Brow championship - Riga, Latvia 
• 3rd place Lash lifting Junior 
• 3rd place Brow Modeling Junior

#April, 2018 - Universe Lash and Brow championship - Alicante, Spain
• 1st place Classic set Master
• Best Classic Work in opinion of Yvonne van Wieren

# Nov, 2018 - Universe Lash and Brow Championship - Alicante, Spain
• 1st place Ombre Brows (Semipermanent brows)
• 2nd place Lash lifting
• 2nd place Microblading ( Semipermanent brows)
• 3rd place Brow modeling
• 3rd place Male lashes

5). Certificates in beauty therapy
# 2008, Just Nails
• Makeup artist - Modern makeup

# 2015, Eyelina 
• Ideal brows
• Threading 
• Waxing 
• Eyelash extensions - 1:1 & volume
• Lash lifting 

# 2017, Angelika Sobczak - Star Lash Academy
• 4-8D Volume 

# 2018, Baltic Brows 
• Semipermanent eyebrows Basic Microblading
• Semipermanent eyebrows Masterclass shading

# 2018, Lash Inc 
• Training for trainer + Accreditation

# 2019, Anastasia Hutsaliuk
• 6-9 Volume + Megavolume 
• Woking with curls and transitions 

# 2019, Tatiana Kaliticiuk
• Kim K styling
• Modern styling + Color lashes

# 2019, Brow Henna - Natalia
• Brow styling + shape and color

# 2019, Brow Henna UK - Karolina Finkowska 
• Train the trainer 

# 2020, London Lash Pro - Karolina 
• Advanced Volume

# 2020, London Lash Pro - Karolina
• Training for trainers

# 2020, Institute of Aesthetics UK - present

“Believe in yourself & you’ll be unstoppable”

Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020