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Textured Lash Looks have never been as easy as this! 

Our BRAND NEW Camellia easy fanning lashes have a semi-matte finish and feature a mixture of two lengths on every strip which results in a stunning Kim K wispy lash look effortlessly! The two lengths have a difference of 2mm, for example 8 & 10mm on one strip - this means that you can create a beautiful dense lash set with a light and wispy top line. 

So How Do They Work? 

Easy Fanning Lashes have two layers of lashes on each strip, meaning that when you grip them with your tweezers, they spring open into pretty wispy fans! With 0.03 lashes you can create mega volume fans up to 25D. By nature, easy fanning lashes will create quite narrow fans - to make your fans wider, simply manipulate them with your tweezers until they are as wide as you’d like them.

London Lash’s Easy Fanning Lashes in 0.03 are super soft and lightweight, making them perfect for creating the coveted wispy Kim K lash look AND glamorous mega volume sets!

The finer diameter of the easy fan lashes allows for larger and fluffier fan creation resulting in that perfect instagrammable dramatic Russian volume lash look your clients demand WITHOUT damaging the natural lash!

The multilayered strips of our Camellia easy fanning lashes allow you to grab fans directly from the strip resulting in quicker fan creation and shorter treatment time - a dream for EVERY lash artist and their clients!

P.S - we just wanted to let you know that you DO NOT need to use Booster with these lashes! They won’t close due to their shape, and Booster will actually make them HARDER to fan as it will affect the glue on the bases.

Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020