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InLei® Helper 2.0


InLei® Helper Is A Revolutionary Comb For Lash Filler And Lash Lift!

It helps to lift and align the natural lashes on the silicone shield in Lash Lift and Lash Filler treatments. Unique and very comfortable 'S' shape makes it easy to hold and work with. 

Helper 2.0 is ideal for combing fine or very fine lashes. The width of the comb is identical to the classic version of the Helper, but the teeth are much smaller and denser, allowing even the thinnest hairs to be separated.

The comb side allows you to precisely separate each lash, giving perfect direction to lifted lashes, while the flat part helps to give the right tension to each hair. 

The Tiffany green colour of the new Helper 2.0 allows you to immediately recognise it on your workstation as an inLei product!

Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020