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InLei® Adiutrix Lash and Brow Serum


Adiutrix Lash and Brow Serum has been meticulously developed by the team at InLei® to enhance the natural lashes and brows either by itself, or in conjunction with InLei® Lash Filler & Brow Bomber treatments.

The aim with InLei® Adiutrix was to create a serum that didn’t have any ill-effects on the hair shaft or root in the long run, but which nourished the hairs from the bulb all the way to the tip. 

Adiutrix simply means ‘helper’ - it was the name of a legion of the Roman Empire created in 70AD to help with the main Roman army! InLei® Adiutrix was formed to help the already amazing InLei® Lash Filler and/or Brow Bomber treatments once clients are looking after their lashes and brows at home!

InLei® Adiutrix is a serum created using advanced plant-based technologies, which stimulate the lengthening of the hair, give volume and enhance the shine of the entire hair structure.

For the development of this product, InLei® laboratories created 18 different formulations that were meticulously tested and analysed. None fully satisfied them until InLei® Adiutrix was born!

There are plenty of lash serums on the market, but most contain medicinal ingredients that damage the eye and the health of the eyelashes in the long run. The goal from the very beginning has been to combine:

- THE QUALITY of the ingredients, which has always distinguished the InLei® brand

- THE SAFETY of the formulation

- THE EFFECTIVENESS of the product

- THE ABSENCE OF NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS on the bulb and on the hair shaft

As well as testing the overall effectiveness of the serum, tests were carried out to ensure that there was no irritation in the event that the serum came into contact with the eyes, and no irritation occurred on those with sensitive skin*

It may have taken years, but the effort was worth it!

*Please note: though extensive tests were carried out, it cannot be completely guaranteed that there will be no adverse reaction in any customer ever. If irritation occurs, flush the area immediately with cool water and discontinue use.

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