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InLei® LamiCa Gel


LamiCa Gel is a water-soluble adhesive designed to glue natural lashes onto the silicone curler. Compared to inLei®’s flagship "Fixing Gel", LamiCa is softer and more flexible during application, while guaranteeing the same performance in terms of results.

LamiCa creates a thin film which allows the inLei® Lash FIller products to easily penetrate the hair, modifying its curl and thickness exactly as it’s supposed to. 

The thin and soft brush will allow you to attach the lashes without any product wastage, and the very soft formulation allows you to cleanse the eyelid and lashes thoroughly and easily at the end of the treatment, using only a little water

Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020