Joanna Staniul

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My name is Joanna Staniul, I began my lash career in 2013 when I completed foundation training in Poland.  

When I did my first lash training it was only an extra service in my beauty menu because my clients pushed me to do lashes. I never wanted to be a lash artist but everything changed when I was looking for a supplier here in UK.

I found Hanna Putjato on eBay and she helped me with my first order. After researching I found Hanna on Facebook and Instagram and I felt in love with her work! I wanted to do the same beautiful lashes like her work! Hanna was very friendly,kind and helpful for me. She always found a time to message me and ask how I’m doing. I was so happy to have her in my life and it didn’t take me a long time to book a training with her.

I wanted to book another foundation training but she asked me to send her my classic lashes work and she said that I don’t need another Foundation Training, that I’m ready for advanced Russian Volume Techniques Training but we need to focus on few important things to make sure my classic sets are perfect.

4 months after training and support from Hanna I entered my first lash competition and I won a 3rd place in Masters category Dramatic look. I should enter with junior because of my experience but Hanna believed in me and said go higher because you will have a better future. She was right!

Within one year I won 2 other competitions and received many awards in our industry what helped me become the best lash artist in my area. 2 years later I became a trainer for Hanna’s company and it was the best decision I ever made in my life. Hanna and her team made me so welcome and I felt in love with London Lash Pro even more!

My top tip for new lash artists is to focus on perfection not on time. The biggest mistake I have noticed on my trainings is that so many new lash artists trying to work fast which unfortunately often leads to many stickies and damage to client's natural lashes. Isolation is key! Practice every day and you will notice a huge difference in your work sooner than you think. 

My favourite lash style is a dolly and squirrel look. Dolly because with this styling we can open small eyes and make them look bigger. Squirrel because it suits all clients and we can cover a droopy eyelid.

LLP products I cannot live without are

Protein Removal Pads
Mayfair Lashes
Fine Tip Deluxe Volume Tweezers

If you would like to book a training with me, please contact me directly:

Lash Lady Scunthorpe

Tel/whatsapp: 07881 202 465



Facebook: Lash Lady Scunthorpe

Instagram: @joanna_londonlashpro


I have taken part in a number of competitions and professional events, including: 

  • European Lash 2015 in Kraków where she came 3rd in the Dramatic Look, Master Category
  • Lash Flash by Lights Lashes where she won 1st place for 2D Lashes.
  • Lash Me competition, 3rd place for male lashes
  • One of the first 18 PHI Royal Artists awarded by Branco Babic and Louisa Bassler
  • One of the TOP 20 World Volume Lash Master Eyelash Extensions Stylist awarded by Eyelash Emporium 2015
  • Part of the World Elite in Eyelash Extensions by Vicoires du Regard 2017
  • Award of Excellence TOP 100 Lash Artist by London Lash Pro
  • International Judge and Sponsor of Universal Lash&Brow Competition ONLINE 2018 Spain
  • International Judge of LASH BULLS 2018 Online Lash Cup Marbella, Spain
  • International Judge of Universe Lash Brow Make Up and Nails, Buenos Aires/Argentina
  • Lash Inc Official Ambassador
  • Awarded as a TOP 100 Most Famous Person and Brand Lash&Brow by VSV Planeta Belleza 2018

* Published in Lash Inc International

* Published in Lash Stylist Magazine,Netherlands

* Published in Lash Letter, Germany

* Published in Lash Me Magazine,Poland


Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020