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"Savage" gel nail polish

  • Dark and full of depth purple
  • UV/LED curable gel polish
  • Durable wear – lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Perfect coverage in just 2 layers
  • Non-fading & non-yellowing
  • Flexible and non-chipping
  • Quick soak off removal
  • No nail damage
  • 8ml bottle

Store in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. Exposure to the light can cure the product and promote discolouration. 

IMPORTANT: Our photographers and product developers work hard on ensuring that all of our photography accurately depicts the colour of any given product, so that you can be sure you're getting exactly what you need! Due to each customer's respective screen resolution or computer/phone settings, some colour representation may vary slightly between the image and the physical product.

How to use:

  1. Always wash and sanitise hands and nails before the treatment. Dust, dirt or oils can influence the retention.

  2. Prep the nail bed by pushing back the cuticles using an orange nail stick or cuticle pusher. Trim the cuticles with cuticle nippers/scissors if necessary.
  3. Shape the nails into the desired shape using a 180 grit nail file, then gently buff the nails using 220/240 grit nail file to remove any shine and smooth the surface.

  4. Brush all dust and residue off, then soak lint-free wipes with an alcohol based nail prep solution and wipe and rub each nail, carefully removing any leftovers.

  5. Apply Miss Dolla PH Bond to adjust the PH of the nail plate to create the perfect base for a strong adhesion.

  6. Apply a thin layer of the Miss Dolla Base Coat, either Rubber or Thin Base depending on the client’s nails, ensuring you seal the free edge of the nail.

  7. Cure the Miss Dolla Base Coat under a LED or UV lamp. Cure for 30 secs/1 min under LED light and 2 mins under UV light.

  8. Apply a thin layer of the Miss Dolla Gel Polish in your chosen colour. Ensure to seal the free edge of the nail. 

  9. Cure the Gel Polish under a LED or UV lamp. Cure for 30 secs/1 min under LED light and 2 mins under UV light.

  10. Apply a second layer of the Miss Dolla Gel Polish, repeating the previous steps, ensuring a correct and thorough seal around the free edge of the nail.

  11. Finish the nail by applying the Miss Dolla Diamond Top Coat, again sealing the free edge of the nail, and curing under the LED or UV light. Miss Dolla Diamond Top Coat does not require wiping after curing in the lamp.

  12. Apply cuticle oil and hand cream.



    1. Buff the top, shiny layer from the Diamond Top Coat with a gentle nail file.
    2. Soak a cotton pad with an acetone gel polish remover, put it on the nail and fix it with an aluminium wrap. 

    3. Wait for 5-10 mins and slide off the gel polish with a wooden orange nail stick. Gently remove the traces of the gel polish with a 220 grit nail buffer and polish your nails for an extra shine using a shine buffer.

    4. Alternatively, you can use an electric nail file to remove an old gel polish.

    5. Wash the hands, apply cuticle oil and hand cream.

    Gel Nail Polish Ingredients:

    Di-Hema Trimethylnexyl Dicarbamate, Acryloylmorpholine, Bis-Trimethylbenzoyl Phenylphosphine Oxide, Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone.


    Discover New Miss Dolla Professional Gel Nail Polish in a stunning range of vibrant colours and neutral shades for every occasion. Our Gel Polishes bring you an enhanced formula for a smooth product flow and consistency for a flawless and streak-free finish every time. Miss Dolla polishes give you up to 4 weeks wear, with no chippingpeeling or cracking. Designed to be flexible and durable with ultra-shine. Our Gel Polishes are specially formulated to avoid nail damage, and are easy to remove using acetone wraps or electric nail file. 

    Vibrant colours, sleek design, excellent retention – what more could a nail tech dream of?

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