Norah Mai

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Hi, my name is Norah Mai. 

My journey of lashing started four years ago, and even though I have taken more than twenty training sessions with all the great lash masters in the industry since then, I would never forget how I felt in my first training. All the nervousness, excitement, and doubts went through my mind; but one thing that I knew for sure, was “I am ready”. I’m ready to take that first step, learn a new skill, and put myself out of my comfort zone. I believe that it is the courage to just start that count in every journey. 

After that, it is the unwavering curiosity about the scientific and technical aspects behind lashing that motivated me to learn more and more. It helps me move past thick layers of confusion with all the info out there in the industry, and find the answers for myself. 

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do” (Bruce Lee). The fastest way for me to test my skills and apply all the accumulated knowledge is to join a competition and receive feedback from the judges. I have brought home 5 trophies in 4 different categories including Volume Lashes, Wispy, Wet effect, and Lash Sponge art. The experience from the competition has helped me to master my craft and broaden my mindset so that I can give my clients and my students the best service and training that they deserve. 

It is my passion and also my commitment to passing on my knowledge and skills to the next generation of lash artists, ensuring the highest standards of excellence in lash extensions and helping them achieve their goals in this exciting and rewarding industry. There are no shortcuts in this journey, but they are certainly ways to work smarter, not harder. I want to show you the way. I want to be there for you because I know how important it is to have a professional and supportive trainer right at the start. 

Let me be your trainer. 

My achievements: 

  • Champion in Volume lashes- Cristel Lash Championship
  • Two times Winner in Wispy Lashes - Cristel Lash Championship
  • Winner in Wet Effect Lashes - Cristel Lash Championship
  • Winner in Lash Sponge Art - Cristel Lash Championship

My qualifications: 

  • 2023 "Teacher Training" by Hanna Putjato - London Lash Pro
  • 2022 "Strip Lash Look - Volume Styling Class" by Glitz Lash Studio 
  • 2022 "L&M curls Effect"  by Julia Kharlova.
  • 2022 "Lash Styling" by Arune Mooney
  • 2022 "Extreme Retention"  by Elina Sadelko.
  • 2022 "Pre-competition"  by Anastasia Nikulina
  • 2022 "Lash Photography"  by Szilvia Toth 
  • 2021 "Great Retention"  by Anastasia Nikulina 
  • 2021 Advanced Russian Volume Lashes VIP Training by Anastasia Nikulina and London Lash Pro – Private Training in London, UK
  • 2021 "Lash Lift Revolution"  by Uliana Shchepeleva 
  • 2021 “Perfect Russian Volume” by Anna Davudova 
  • 2021 “International Top Lash Master” Training by Aisha Jagieva 
  • 2020 “Mega Volume” Training by Aisha Jagieva
  • 2020 “ Fox & Cat Eye Effect” Training with Aisha Jagieva 
  • 2020 “Perfect Curl. Work with L, L+ and M” Training by Aisha Jagieva 
  • 2019 Volume Private Training with Hoa Beauty Lashes – Thao Nguyen & Nhi Nguyen 
  • 2018 Classic Private Training with Linh Nguyen

Get in touch with Norah to book your training:


Address: 3349 Bloor Street West, M8X 1E9, Toronto, Ontario. 
Phone number: +1 647-673-5399
Queens Award 2020
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