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Staleks Pro Slanted Plastic Nail File, Crescent (base) Pro Expert 40


Staleks slanted plastic nail file, crescent (base) EXPERT 40 is a perfect tool for nail technicians of all experience levels. This nail file plastic base with the code SPBE-40 is one of the best nail file bases on the market.

  • made of high-strength plastic
  • lightweight
  • comfortable during work
  • the convex side is recommended for polishing lateral nail folds, as well as for processing calluses on toes

IMPORTANT! It cannot be sterilized in a dry heat oven or autoclave.

If you are looking for the best nail file base, then Staleks slanted plastic nail file, crescent (base) EXPERT 40 or SPBE-40 is a fantastic choice. 

Staleks is a renowned and globally recognized brand trusted by professionals in the industry. Miss Dolla is proud to partner up with Staleks selling the best manicure instruments for nail technicians. Choose these high-quality Cuticle Clippers to enhance your nail care routine.

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