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Do YOU offer a variety of different wax treatments at your salon?

When you have an extensive treatment list you need equipment you can rely on!

Our So Henna Wax Heater is a clean and easy way to heat wax.

It's large capacity allows use for different wax treatments allowing your workspace to remain clean, organised and clutter free! From brows to bikini line - we got you! 

Why not to try it together with our 5-star rated So Henna Gentle Brow Wax

Product Details:

  • Multi-Use - Can be used with all brands of wax AND different types of wax!
  • Capacity 400ml (pot with separate handle)
  • Heat can be Regulated
  • Available with UK or EU Plug
  • The temperature range is 30℃-120℃

Temperature Guide:
Setting 1: 30°C
Setting 2: 40°C
Setting 3: 50°C
Setting 4: 60°C
Setting 5: 70°C
Setting 6: 80°C
Setting 7: 90°C
Setting 8: 100°C
Setting 9: 110°C
Setting 10: 120°C

As the dial is mechanical (1-10), the above temperature is for reference only.


Queens Award 2020
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