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Chelsea Classic Lashes 0.20


0.20 Classic Chelsea eyelash extensions are super soft lashes with a semi-matte finish,suitable for aclassic set that gives a bolder effect. Chelsea lashes are available in a wide range of lengths and curls so you can create personalised looks for each of your clients! 

0.18 Chelsea Lashes are available in bothsingle andmixed length trays, whichcontain our most popular lengths! Mixed length trays are ideal for mobile therapists and lash-preneurs who are just starting out or just want to try London Lash eyelashes. A couple of these trays will have you covered for a wide range of looks so you don't need to carry around lots of different packs or invest too much money. Single trays are perfect for busy lash technicians who go through certain lengths quickly, and want to make sure they have all lengths available at all times!Single trays are also a great investment, and work out cheaper in the long run once you know which lashes you use the most!


NOTE:0.20 lashes can be quite heavy in relation to the average natural lash, be sure that they will be a safe option before applying a full set. If your client would like a look this bold but has finer natural lashes, tryFlat Lashes instead!

Queens Award 2020
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