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Clean Lashes DUO - SAVE 20%


Problems with retention? One of the most common reasons for bad retention is dirty lashes! Whether it is how YOU clean the lashes prior to the treatment, or how your CLIENT takes care of their extensions afterwards all has an impact!

If you want your eyelash extensions to last longer, the natural lashes need to be absolutely free of any traces of oils, sebum, dust or make-up before you begin the lash application. 

With just a lash cleanser and primer it's not always possible to clean natural lashes up to the excellent standard needed for great retention. If any make-up or oils remain on the natural lashes - retention will be negatively affected.

We’ve put together the ultimate Clean Lashes DUO that is perfect for both lash technicians during eyelash treatments or as a retail product for your clients! Want even better news? You save 20% when you buy them as a DUO compared to buying separately.

  • Lash Shampoo perfectly cleans oil, sebum, make-up and dust from the lashes, and antibacterial Tea Tree extract prevents infections and conditions like styes or blepharitis.  
  • Lash & Brow Cleansing Brush guarantees a deep, gentle cleanse by hugging the lash line. The soft synthetic fibres of the brush encase themselves around the entire lash, NOT just the surface, providing a 360 degree deep clean!


​​IMPORTANT: This product bundle is excluded from any sales, special offers or discount codes.

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