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Crystal Bond Eyelash Extension Glue



Experience Level

All levels 


Very Strong 

Drying time

1-2 seconds

Room humidity


Room temperature

18-22°C (64.4°F - 71.6°F) 


thin, medium, syrup like



Crystal Bond eyelash extensions adhesive / lash glue:

  • The only CLEAR glue in London Lash range 
  • Ideal for Coloured lashes, Brown lashes and Lash Art, however, it could also be used for regular black lashes. 
  • Ideal for customers who might have a sensitivity to Carbon Black (Black pigment)
  • Reliable and easy work even in unstable room conditions
  • suitable for Classic lashes as well as Russian Volume.
  • medium drying (1 - 2sec) - suitable for all lash technicians. Glue is easy to work with and can also be used by Beginners, however, beginners might experience difficulties with picking the right amount of the adhesive (because it’s colourless) which could affect the retention. 

We highly recommend that you try a sample first before purchasing the full-size glue bottle. The adhesive in a sample-size bottle can only be used for up to 5 days after opening (if stored correctly in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight). 

The glue for semi-permanent eyelash extensions is for professional use only. 

Please note that during Black Friday, the maximum purchase of glue per order is 20 pieces. If you would like to order in bulk please contact our customer service team at Please note that all online orders with over 20 pieces will be required to be amended before checkout.

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