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Fiber Fine Tip Volume Tweezer & Glue Remover Bundle


Never underestimate the power of good lash tweezers! The tweezers you use for eyelash extensions can be the difference between creating the sets of yours and your clients’ dreams, and wanting to give up on eyelash extensions once and for all!

If you’ve ever struggled to find the biting point of a new pair of tweezers (each pair is different, after all!) then these will be an absolute game changer for you! Our brand new Fiber Tip Lash Tweezers are ALL biting point thanks to the hex-textured fiber tip, so no need to spend time getting to know your tweezers – just grab and go! 

Ideal for creating fans of any shape and size using any fanning technique! Fine Tip Volume Tweezers have been a favourite of Lash Techs worldwide since their launch, and are the best choice to use for premade fans!

Just to let you know… 

Due to the texture on these Fiber Tip Lash Tweezers, any glue that gets on them can be a little trickier to clean off compared to your regular, untextured tweezers. This is why we created a bespoke bundle along with Glue Remover for Tweezers which gives you a 20% saving compared to when bought separately!

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