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Glamcor Reveal Light


Are you a beginner in the lash world, still looking for best beauty lighting? Wondering how you set up a lash room and what's the best light for eyelash extensions? Look no further than the Glamcor Reveal Lamp!

REVEAL is a powerful single lamp with five dimming stages with a flexible arm that can be easily manoeuvred in any position in order to best light up your table or desk. Its small, lightweight, and compact design is ideal for traveling and in-house services.

REVEAL's modern and sleek design will not only complete your workstation or desk but also gives you enough space to move around freely. From lash salons to home offices, REVEAL will make sure your job's always complete

  • cost-effective for beginners who want the BEST lighting in the lash game.
  • Glamcor Reveal Light is a single and powerfully bright daylight lamp for a professional eyelash extensions treatment 
  • bright light will allow you to see every single lash, including blond lashes and baby lashes. 
  • ability to see every lash will result in "clean" and safe treatment without "stickies" and excess of the glue
  • does not cause eye strain during extended use
  • easy to attach
  • easy to adjust due to a completely moveable arm

IMPORTANT: Glamcor products are excluded from any sales, special offers or discount codes.

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