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5-Step Pre-Treatment Kit - SAVE 25%


Failure to perform the correctpre-treatment procedure will lead to poor retention and unhappy customers - EVERY technician’s worst nightmare!

Our 5-step Pre-Treatment Kit contains the full range of products that you need for the ultimate retention and squeaky clean lashes! The best part? You get all products with an amazing saving of £20 compared to buying all products separately! 

  • Lash Shampoo effectively cleans oil, sebum, make-up and dust from the lashes and eye area, and antibacterial Tea Tree extract prevents infections and conditions like styes or blepharitis.  
  • Protein Removing Cleansing Pads are formulated to gently remove any makeup traces, natural oils and proteins on the eye area
  • Lash Cleanser removes oils, proteins and traces of make-up from natural lashes to allow the glue to perfectly bond to the natural lashes 
  • Lash Primer moisturises natural lashes, allowing the glue to perfectly bond to a natural lash.
  • Retention & Speed Booster gently opens the hair cuticles without damaging the natural lashes, enabling the glue to grab on the cuticles and hold better, improving your retention. 


​​IMPORTANT:This kit is excluded from any sales, special offers or discount codes.

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