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Retention Improving Booster & Superbonder - samples


Ongoing problems with retention? Clients' lashes don't last? Try our bestselling products - Booster and Superbonder in 2ml sample size bottles. Both products designed to solve the biggest problem of the lash artist - retention issues. 

Retention & Speed Booster is a multi-functioning product that will enhance your treatment as it increases retention AND the speed of work. 

Due to its very high alkalinity, Retention & Speed Booster helps to gently open the hair cuticles. This enables more glue to stick with the extension and the natural lash thus increasing retention.

If you apply it to the strip of extensions, it will help you to make your fans much faster and easier - as glue won't "run up" along the "leg" of the fan, so your fans won't close and stay nicely opened instead. Do not use Booster on Easy Fanning lashes! 


Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020