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So Henna Wooden Sticks / Spatulas


So Henna wooden sticks are perfect for applying So Henna Wax during a waxing treatment. Simply dip a wooden spatula into your wax heater to grab the necessary amount of wax. The spatulas have 2 different sized ends for a precise wax application based on the area being treated.

Important: Never double dip the same side of the spatula into the wax pot as it may lead to cross contamination. Once each side of the spatula has been used once, it then needs to be disposed of.

So Henna Wooden Wax Spatulas are small and precise, designed to glide smoothly across the skin surface without causing any irritation, making waxing a pain-free experience for your clients.

PLEASE NOTE! The team at So Henna are working on updating the packaging for the So Henna line. You will soon be receiving some products in new, gorgeous packaging. For the time being some products will still come in the same branding you’re used to. All products, no matter the branding, are fresh and new!

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