Desislava Slavova

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My name is Desislava Slavova and I am a London Lash Pro trainer in London, United Kingdom. I have been doing lash extensions for over 4 years now, my career in the lash industry began in 2016.  

I have attended both domestic and international lash courses. 

My first ever trainer inspired me to become a lash artist, she was able to see the talent in me from the beginning when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to finish the course at all. The words she told me made me believe that I can actually be a successful lash artist.

My favorite London Lash Pro product is Mayfair Lashes.

My favorite lash styling is squirrel as it is the most natural one and suitable for most eye shapes! Don’t forget to draw out your lash map when beginning the application to save yourself time, keep on track and ensure great results! When lashing inner corners tape is your best friend for ease of access. 


Practice makes perfect!

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2016/October Classic eyelash extensions - Eyelash Emporium (trainer Donna Bell)
2017/September Russian Volume eyelash extensions - London Lash Pro (Trainer Darja Striletskaja)
2018/May Mega Volume Eyelash extensions - Lashes Vis-a-vis ( Trainer Malika Nauryzova)
2018/May Asian Eyelid - Lashes Vis-a-vis (Trainer Malika Nauryzova)
2018/June Volume Workshop with Vicky Rugg 
2019/April Lash Filler - InLei (Trainer Karolina Swiderska) 
2019/July Perfect Volume - Lash School (Trainer Olga Nevmienko)


Attended conferences:

2018 Super Yacht Lash Conference 
2018 Lash Social UK
2019 Super Yacht Lash Conference
2019 World Lash University



2018/May - Super Yacht Lash Conference (online) 
Classic lashes beginners category - 1st place 
2018/November - Open Lash Championship Bulgaria (live)
2d volume master category - 2nd place
4d volume master category - 3rd place 
2018/December - London Lash Studio - Salon Lash Artist of The Year  
2019/January - Lash Factor Christmas Competition (online) 
Classic lashes expert category - 1st place 
2019/April- The Lash Social UK (online)
Ombré volume lashes beginners category - 1st place
2019/May- World Lash Conference (online)
Classic lashes Professional category - 3rd place 
2019/May - Super Yacht Lash Conference (online) 
2-3d volume Professional category - 3rd place 
Classic lashes professional category - 3rd place

Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020