Dominika Pietruszka

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My name is Dominika and I have 4 years of experience in Lash Industry. 

What inspired me to start my career as a lash artist? A few years ago some of my friends got their lashes done for the first time and unfortunately the results were not great. They complained and said that this was the worst decision ever, that extensions ruined their natural lashes and they will never have their lashes done again. I have always been a big fan of beautiful fluffy lashes so when they had their lashes done I couldn't believe they didn't like it. I promised myself that I will learn how to do lashes properly and once I become a lash artist I will show them how it's really done!

Never compare yourself to others. Set up your own pace and stick to it. It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop. Set your goal and work hard for it!

There are so many different stylings for lashes, I have always been a fan of Dolly styling, mostly because I loved how it opens up the eye however I have recently been working with M and L curls which totally stole my heart and for those curls I really like Squirrel and cat style. 

My favourite LLP product that I can't live without it Flexie glue - this adhesive can work under any conditions!

Contact details:

Lash Craft Studio & Academy

Instagram: @dominika_lashcraft

Email: /

Tel.: 07980725564


2018 Lash artist of the year - 1st place in light volume master level, Lash Inc

2019 Tokyo Lash Competition - 3rd place in Light Volume Expect level

2019 Villa Menzi - Lash Stylist of the month in September

2019 Universe Champions Spain - 3rd Place in Colour lash expert level

2019 Best of the Best Nederland - 1st place in Mega Volume Expert Level

2019 Lash Folklore Mexico - 1st place in Mega Volume Expert Level

2020 Ole Lashes, Spain - 1st place in Mega Volume

2020 World Lash University - 1st place in Mega Volume

2020 World Lash University - Special Judge Award - ''best work of the competition'' - Genevieve Hickin


Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020