Monika Betanska

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My name is Monika Betanska and I am a London Lash Pro trainer in Stevenage. My career in lash industry began in 2016 by attending first foundation course. I am a proud owner of Lash Zone - eyelash extensions studio in Stevenage. 

My friend who was my lash technician inspired me to become a lash artist. I was very keen to know how she was doing this treatment so I decided to go for lash training. One thing I wish I knew when I started doing lashes is that lashes grow in multiple layers.

My top tips for new lash artists are to be patient and never rush with application, set your goals, challenge yourself and believe in yourself!

My favourite lash style is Dolly as it suits most people.

The LLP products I cannot live without are:

  • Power Bond glue
  • Booster
  • Mayfair lashes

"It always seems impossible until it's done"

I encourage my students to work on their dreams and never give up. 


English and Polish

If you would like to book training with me please contact me directly:

instagram: @lash_braids_zone

facebook: @Lash&Braids Zone


phone number: 07983423196

Monika is located inSouth Kirkby,West Yorkshire, UK


2016 Secret Lashes Zuzanna Gniewkowska Individual Lashes

2017 Secret Lashes Zuzanna Gniewkowska Volume lashes 2-8D

2017 Ellebana Karen Colborne Lash Lift

2017 Velvet Lashes Daria Ziolkowska Perfect Fan workshop

2017 Luxury Eye Helga Toth-Halapi Mentoring Session Volume

2018 Liuda Apostol Leila Volume 10-20D

2018 United Lash Army Katarzyna Borkowska Mentoring Session Volume

2018 Perfect Lashes Lash Camp

2018 Team She Sofja Shmatko Lash-to-lash technique/perfect Russian volume

2019 Olga Sandu Everything about L&L+/New Effect Shock

2019 Perfect Lashes Lash Camp

2019 United lash Army Katarzyna Borkowska Black Magic Volume

2019 MBeauty Monika Gorecka Hollywood Effect/Russian Volume

2019 Berlash Edyta Kohling Advance Volume

2019 Berlash Edyta Kohling Pre-Championship/Perfect Fan

2019 London Lash Pro Veronica Rich Advance Russian Volume


2018 The Lash Game UK 2/3D Volume  - 2nd place Professional 

2018 Lash Event - Classic Lashes - 2nd place Master

2018 Universe Lash&Brow Spain - Mega Volume - 3rd place Master

2018 Lash Inc Lash Artist of the year - Mega Volume - 1st place Master

2018 Lash&Brow Queen - Mega Volume - 2nd place Professional

2018 Lash Pro Contest - Dramatic Volume - 3rd place Master

2019 Ultimate Lash Contest - Classic Lashes - 1st place Master

Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020