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Staleks Pro Micro Scissors Expert 90 - Type 1


Staleks Professional micro scissors EXPERT 90 TYPE 1 is a perfect tool for nail technicians of all experience levels. Manually sharpened under a microscope, these micro scissors SE-90/1 are the best micro scissors on the nail market. 

  • clear overview of the cut line due to elongated handles
  • agile handling and ease of operation
  • miniature cutting part
  • classical blade curve
  • clean and precise cut due to professional manual sharpening of cutting edges
  • polished back face of the blade prevents nail plate injuries
  • reduced fatigue due to smooth, seamless stroke
  • suitable for longer operation periods as straight handles without finger holes do not graze skin
  • AISI 420 stainless steel

    If you are looking for the best micro scissors, then Staleks Professional micro scissors EXPERT 90 TYPE 1 or SE-90/1 are a fantastic choice. 

    Miss Dolla professional nail supply UK is proud to work together with Staleks Pro - world leader in the production of the best metal tools for nail specialists. 

    Queens Award 2020
    London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020